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Ken Nice Sculptures

Welcome to the website of Ken Nice, an award winning Canadian sculptor whose career includes over 40 years of diverse, creative experiences. 

    Ken's work has been included in numerous group and individual exhibits and can be    
    found in a variety of public and private galleries. We are fortunate to be able to share in
    his personal journeys through the many sculptures that he has created. 

    Since childhood Ken has always been a maker of things. Nature provided the     
    materials for creating and the many skills and tools that his father introduced him to at a
    very young age provided early techniques for self expression. His academic training in art
    at the Ontario College of Art and Design and his subsequent studies in architecture helped
    further his  technical skills and creative processes.

    In his lifelong creative journey, Ken has explored a wide variety of materials, techniques,
    styles and ideas. In contrast to the virtual world we live in heavily today, we can perhaps
    view Ken as a renaissance artist whose preference is to dwell in nature and explore the
    world of real life and tangible materials. The materials are many. He has sculpted in wood,
    fiberglass, bronze, welded metal, stone, ceramic and plastic. The scale of his works range from indoor sculptures as small as 2 inches to outdoor pieces as large as 9 feet high and 22 feet long.

Ken is equally at ease sculpting the land on his farm in  Southern Ontario, 100 kilometres
north of Toronto. Now his permanent home, his beloved farm also includes his sculpture and painting studios. A tour of his studios is also a journey into the complexities of Ken's being. Numerous projects of many media and in different stages of progress inform us of his unique process of working with drawings and gestural models that slowly emerge into greater detail.

    A central quality of Ken's work is the whimsy and playfulness
    that extends from his youthful outlook and his unique sense of
    humour. The Dragon, a seven foot figurative artwork, welded from
    over 10,000 custom formed pieces of 14 gauge steel, speaks to us about the playful
    innocence that is Ken Nice. The Dragon compels us to enter Ken's world of fantasy, yet
    it is fantasy formed in steel and firmly rooted in the real world. The Dragon is childlike
    imagery that comes to life in three dimensions.

    A lover of opera, Ken has explored his creative interests as a fine art painter, a 
    commercial illustrator and a designer/builder of houses that all serve to inform his passion
    for sculpting. His work at Walt Disney Studios focused on background illustrations, but 
    he was also called upon to develop characters in three dimensions in the making of figurative 
    models using his sculpting skills. Ken's commercial illustration work focuses on architectural renderings where he has been called upon to help others envision buildings, communities and parks in every area of the world.